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Dec 29, 2005

No doubt, you’ve all noticed the change in design. Besides liking the green better than the previous blue, I feel better about the new organisation. In particular, the titles look much better now.

I’ve also upgraded to WordPress 2.0, which is a definite improvement over 1.5.

And finally, I’m going to be messing around with my feeds, in an attempt to make my RSS2 feed my only feed. I suspect this last change may cause me considerable pain, so hang on folks. Continue reading this entry »

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Dec 29, 2005

For the first time in history, my mother goes shopping on Boxing Day. We spend the first anniversary of the Tsunami in Eaton Centre, a mall of gargantuan proportions, with stores spilling multicoloured sparkly splendour left and right, upstairs and downstairs. We manoeuvre our way through bodies lined up for sales, through puddles on the marbled floor, through clothes slipped off hangers.
I like to think that I am still holding onto some of that RIS spirit. But a part of me stands separate, watches as I finger a jacket, and sneers smugly. Continue reading this entry »

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Dec 16, 2005

It snowed so much, so gently and so steadily, that you can see absolutely nothing of my car up to the top of its rims and everything above that only appears in blurs of blue between heavy weights of white. People are literally using shovels to get their cars out and I can’t see their footsteps in the snow, they’re so deep and so easily buried in more white.

But already the morning car rush begins to beat a resolute pathway through the snow, creating chevrons of slush to mark the places that will be further flattened by the shoes of the morning people rush.

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Delayed Reaction

Dec 15, 2005

I had trouble responding to a post by Lauren on Feministe entitled “Consider the Hijab: Blogging Against Racism” – or rather, it wasn’t the article itself I had so much difficulty reacting to, it was the discussion that followed. Part of the reason I found myself tongue-twisted was the framework within which I perceived my reaction. I have begun to react on a conscious level only when there is an audience present (which is worrying, yes), and that requires that reactions be moulded into forms appropriate to their specific audiences. (Postmodernism rears its dreadlocked head.) When it comes to this blog, I can’t picture my (tiny) audience and so I don’t know how to shape my entries (hence the extreme esoterica of some posts and the cold distance of others). So besides a quickfix link, I stayed silent.

After having followed the discussion and let the ideas stew for a while, I decided to mail the link to an old professor of mine, who I thought might be interested in it. (She taught IDIS 302, “Race” and Racism.) I attached a note, and that note will be this entry.
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On the Other Hand

Dec 11, 2005

Friday night I went from a raucous discussion on Contemporary Lit to an only slightly less raucous on Tai Chi. Both were in preperation for exams I was going to be having the next day. (This sort of disjointedness has characterised my studies this semester – and I’m loving it.) Continue reading this entry »

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Dec 6, 2005

I’m going to take a break from my frantic (but mostly productive, if ill-timed) studying to note that graduate students get paid $36.50/hour for proctoring exams.
If only there was a way I could capitalise numbers.
In a three hour exam, they earn more than I do with 10 hours of work.

Money money money.

Take pity on the broke debt-ridden student and give me work.

Back to the books.

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Postmodern Growing Pains

Dec 1, 2005

I was formally introduced to Postmodernism on Wednesday.
Strange new world, this now. Continue reading this entry »

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“Engaging the World”

Dec 1, 2005

On Wednesday morning, Principal Karen Hitchcock presided over the last of the university’s “Town Hall Meetings.” This was the first such meeting I attended, and it was heartening to see that the packed room included students (though not very many) and faculty.

Hitchcock is all for “engaging the world” (her catchphrase). In her world, this basically means increasing international enrolment. In other words, she feels that the already established internationalism of Queen’s students and Canadian high school students is of no consequence. Rather than make use of the resources right here (hello Toronto), she prefers to go overseas.
Because international students pay ridiculously high tuition fees. They’re cash cows for Queen’s, unlike local students, who, by comparison, do nothing for Queen’s, financially. Continue reading this entry »

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Nov 30, 2005

My interests lie in Postcolonial Literature, specifically the issues of modern multicultural Canadian cities. It worries me somewhat that this semester I have enjoyed my 18th Century Prose (with the outstanding Dr. Christopher Fanning) and Women in Middle Ages courses far more than I have my Contemporary Lit course. It’s so bad that I’m even seriously considering selling the books I bought for this course – I, the pack rat of all pack rats, who owns more books than clothes. Continue reading this entry »

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why II

Nov 27, 2005

One of the problems with writing overtly and painfully personal things, as I did a few days ago, is that these kinds of entries require followups. When that initial burst of emotion subsides, it leaves a sticky residue of embarrasment that is tinged, in cases where the subject wasn’t actually oneself, with privacy issues.

My friend’s mother is doing better now, as is my friend.
However, when I say that we’re thankful that her mom was taken off the respirator, I am showing that we feared for her life, and that’s an uncomfortable thing to do in so changeable and impersonal a place as the Internet.

Usually I delete these kinds of posts within hours of publishing them. I don’t know why I didn’t with this one.

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