A typical day’s diet these days goes something like this: 2 samosas for breakfast (purchashed through work) and tea, a plastic box full of fresh fruit & veg salad for lunch (also purchased through work), and chipsi mayeye (Tanzanian version of Spanish omelette) or something homemade or going out for early dinner (I used to have dinner at 9PM, these days I’m done by 7). I was starving when I got home from work today. I do this thing where I let myself go until I get faint, more because I’m lazy than anything else. I took a nap, and then went out and bought some eggplants and chose the fastest recipe I could find off the Internet — something new, eggplants in supposed Thai style. I don’t know how to work with soy sauce or vinegar. I’m now very full, but the meal was terrible, and there is much too much leftover.